Sevan Holding was founded in May 2022 and is the result of the experience of professionals specialized in real estate brokerage and credit brokerage. We present ourselves on the Market as a high-level company with highly profitable investment projects.

We assist the customer at 360 °, accompanying him in every consulting and executive phase of his investments and sales. In Real Estate, we manage sales and leases, we offer active management services of individual private real estate units or complexes for residential, tertiary, industrial and commercial use in the interest of the Property or the holder, through Real Management or Outsourcing contracts, in order to optimize profit and minimize management and maintenance costs. In the credit sector we have financial products ranging from mortgages to the insurance branch, loans, assignment of the fifth and dedicated advice for companies. Our range of financial services and products covers every client’s need to achieve the optimal result, including strategic advice and legal assistance.

We distinguish ourselves from other brokerage companies for collaboration, in the analysis and evaluation phase of investment and sales projects, with a pool of professional consultants, engineers, notaries, lawyers and accountants who have gained significant specific experience in the real estate and credit field and in particular in technical, legal, accounting and tax aspects and who supervise every phase of the activity, guaranteeing a high quality profile.

Our registered office is in Milan and we operate throughout the country.


Real Estate Investment Assistance

Real Estate Investment Assistance

Real Estate two Diligence and Certification (Certified Property) with analysis of the legal, technical, cadastral and urban planning documentation of the property in order to:

Know The Heritage
Reduce Risks For Buyers
Give Clarity To Those Who Sell By Reducing Any Recourse To Guarantees In Favor Of Those Who Buy
Technical Services On The Verification Of The Real Situation Regarding The Stocks And Possible Regularization Activities
Adaptation Of The Property To The Most Recent Provisions Of Law On Urban Planning And Cadastral Matters
Sales Assistance And Preparation Of The Necessary Documents For The Sale
Support, Advice And Mediation In The Complete Management Of Real Estate Sales
We Manage For The Client, Private Or Company, The Fundamental Contacts And Provide All The Necessary Documentation To Reach The Conclusion Of The Real Estate Deal

Property Management Real Estate

Property Management Real Estate

Strategic consulting and Real Estate Property Management, for Real Estate sale and lease processes, with a professional and complete service management designed to protect the interests of the parties at every step:
Census And Mapping Of The Real Estate Consistency With The Creation Of A Detailed Data Report
On Request Computer Dossiers For Individual Units Or Real Estate Complexes (Topographic And Photographic Drawings, Cadastral Identification Of The Property)
Management Of Lease Relationships: Joint Review And Examination Of The Various Contractual Options; Evaluation Of The Conductor In Terms Of Reliability; Conclusion Of The Contract
Budget Management By Period And By Type Of Cost, Aimed At Saving Maintenance And Optimizing Returns
Management Of Contracts With Suppliers With Relative Master Data And Cost Documents
Management Of The Allocation Of Expenses With Particular Attention To Accounting Coordination


Investments & Financial Management

Investments & Financial Management

Investments & Financial Management for natural and legal persons, with dedicated services:

Strategic consulting and definition of plans for the evaluation of client assets, through the planning of credit mediation activities and operations
Assignment and planning of mortgages
Consultancy and definition of strategies for the enhancement of assets with particular reference to analysis, evaluation and verification aimed at acquisition and disposal operations within the client’s portfolio. For Companies: economic evaluation of assets, including real estate and business complexes, also through Partnerships with major Credit Institutions
Monitoring and analysis of the profitability, both current and prospective, of the land portfolio, through the processing of data deriving from the management of financial investments
Supervision and coordination of management and maintenance activities
Evaluation of convenience of credit transactions with verification of related economic and financial data
Technical and legal advice with completion of the relative technical duties through competent professionals
LBT Car Hire
Insurance (home/person/work policies)

Registered office:
Via Savona 94
20144 – Milan (MI)

Via Carpaccio 12
20133 – Milan (MI)

P.IVA 12384300963

(+39) 351 6061449